Art Safari

Introducing the Tribal Textiles’ Art Safari

Tribal Textiles are now offering you the chance to go on a safari with a difference. Come down to Tribal HQ and work side by side with our highly experienced and friendly team of artists amidst the buzz of our industrious outdoor workshop.  Learn the unique art of hand drawing onto cotton with natural materials, using either a pre-drawn stencil or creating your own design.  Bring your drawing to life by hand painting it with our stunning water-based colours ranging from bush reds and earth blues to leaf greens and sunshine yellows. 

While your art work dries in the heat of the African sun you can take the chance to explore the wide array of textiles on offer in our beautiful showrooms and shady courtyards.  Once your piece is dry and baked in our oven to fix the colours, our finishing department  sew and press it ready for you to take home at the end of your stay in the South Luangwa.

One person who has been coming to Tribal Textiles for years, leading her very own Art Safaris is Mary-Anne Bartlett, a travel artist who takes groups of people on creative journeys around Africa, painting wildlife, people and landscapes. Mary-Anne and her groups always stop in for a Tribal Art Safari, swapping paper for textiles and creating wonderful pieces of artwork in the process. For more information about Mary-Anne’s art safaris go to her website.

To find out more about capturing memories of an unforgettable holiday and creating your very own Tribal Textile please contact us.