Tribal Textiles have teamed up with National Milling Corporation to create an exciting range of AMAIZING bags where 100% of the profits will go directly to our sponsored school, Malimba Community School, which educates children in our local area.

Employing local men and women, Tribal Textiles have taken the iconic and ubiquitous National Milling ‘mealie’ sack, recycled it and added a ‘Tribal Twist’ to create a range of practical, stylish and environmentally friendly bags and accessories.

Maize or ‘mealie meal’ is the key ingredient for Nshima, the staple food of the whole of Zambia, so AMAIZING bags are Zambian through and through. Malimba Community School was established by the community in 2001 and currently educates over 400 pupils, offering education and pastoral support to help Mfuwe families towards a brighter future. All profits from these bags will go directly to Malimba School to be used for classroom building, teacher training and buying supplies.

To read more about Malimba Community School please see our Malimba page.


Amaizing Bag
Carrying mealie meal